Industry Metal Bending And Shaping Methods And Machines

The world around us is filled with metal busbar bending machine. The metals and the objects vary greatly but these strong and sturdy materials with varying density and strength prove extremely useful because of the variety of items that can be created from them.

As these metals are hard and stiff, special techniques, methods and instruments need to be used to bend them and to give them various shapes. Some of these machines and techniques can also be seen at your local tyre repair or auto repair workshop; whereas others on a larger scale are used in industries to bend and shape huge metal sheets, pipes and rods which are later going to be used in the production of aircraft, buildings, bridges, machineries, pipelines and automotive parts etc.

Some methods that are used in the bending and shaping of metal pipes are induction bending method, cold bending method, three benders method, mandrel bending and rolling method etc. all of these methods are different and yield different results. The induction bending, for instance, is useful when a joint is not required at the bending junction and a bend has to be created from a single piece of pipe with minimal distortion to its shape.

Similarly, in the mandrel bending method a mandrel is placed inside the tube and while the mandrel rotates, it forms the bend in the pipe. In the three benders method, the pipe is placed amongst the three benders but only the central bender exerts pressure and creates the bend. Then there is the cold bending method in which heat is not applied to create the bend. This method is used where a smooth finish is not required. These and many other methods are used when a metal pipe or rod needs to be bent; for example water and gas pipelines.

Different kinds of machineries are used when metal sheets instead of rods have to be bent. Press Brake is one of the very common machineries used to bend metal sheets. This machinery uses the hydraulic press and presses the metal sheet over a specific shaped die. The sheet then takes on the form of the die. Press brakes are also mechanical, servo-electric and pneumatic.

The Power press is another useful machinery that is used to bend heavy duty metal sheets with pillar type and C type bending capabilities.

All of the metal bending techniques and machineries used in the industries make it possible to change the shape of a hard metal into the shape that the manufacturer wants.

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