Staging Homes for Sale: Professional Advice for Home-Stagers and Agents

Because the real-estate market has slowed, real-estate Phoenix karaoke and the sellers they represent are using every tool at their disposal to sell houses quickly and for top dollar. One of the tried-and-true tools used for selling is “staging,” the process of removing or rearranging your belongings to get the best effect when showing your home.

“Home staging helps your home sell faster and for more money whether it is a slow or hot real estate market,” says Cheryl Ward, President of Ivy Home Staging in California. “When a home is staged to appeal to a broader range of buyers, then you have a hot property which could incite a bidding war-imagine.”

Who doesn’t want that? Having the right furniture in a house can create a buzz for the listing and make for a faster sale. A cohesive look helps potential buyers imagine the possibilities of any given space.

Often sellers try to stage the house themselves, thinking it will save them money. The Wall Street Journal reports that “in a recent HomeGain survey of 500 real-estate agents, cleaning and de-cluttering, lightening and brightening rooms, and staging were among the top five low-cost, do-it-yourself home improvements suggested for people getting their homes ready to sell.” Home sellers might clean out clutter and paint the walls a nice cream color, but often the attention of an expert in the field can bring the whole look together and help close the deal.

It’s hard for a seller to turn an objective eye on his or her own living space. An experienced stager or realtor will know which furniture pieces need to be moved out and which wall decorations should come down. The space should offer buyers the chance to picture their own belongings in the house or apartment. Instead of focusing a negative eye on an ancient watercolor painting, it is better if a buyer sees a wall and thinks, I know just what I’ll hang there.

Find the Best Pieces and Keep Them

Real-estate agents and professional home stagers provide furniture and artwork that is clean, attractive, and neutral so it appeals to many people. Their experience helps them match certain styles with any number of spaces.

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