Why New Mobile Games Are On Rise Now A Day

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled billions of people around the world to stay indoors. What can possibly be done staying at home for a long odin99? Well, the answer is trying out new mobile games.

At present, the impact of the video game industry on the youth has gained popularity. New mobile games have become a pastime; resulting in an increase in the amount of time they are played.

According to the American Wireless Network Operator ‘Verizon’, overall new mobile video game internet traffic has increased 75% since the pandemic.

Another mobile video game developer Bungie reported that average daily user engagement on their game ‘Destiny 2’ has risen globally from 10% to 20% in the markets most affected by the coronavirus.

As of now, mobile gaming is becoming a large industry, beating console and PC gaming. Because smartphones are more prevalent to use, there are no chances of new mobile gaming slowing down shortly.

With the development of new mobile games, players have to gain access to a huge variety of games on their mobile devices. Multiplayer games such as Fortnite and solo games such as Candy Crush Saga are the two most popular examples of today’s mobile gaming possibilities.

Besides these traditional games, betting on casino games has also gained popularity. The development of innumerable new and great online casino sites such as the Lucky Days Casino is now easily available on mobile devices.

Ever-improving technology within mobile devices is apparently the main reason behind the rise of the mobile gaming industry. With “better technology” comes an extensive range of different areas where improvements have led to a better mobile gaming experience.

For example, the processing criteria of today’s smartphones offer game developers a platform to develop better and more graphically intense games that offer players more captivating experiences.

Also, the rise in internet speed has added to the smoothness of new mobile games. Today, gamers can enjoy multiplayer games such as ‘Fortnite’, on mobile phones which can also be played with players across multiple platforms.

New mobile games are much less expensive in comparison to PC or console games. Generally, mobile games cost a few dollars or many games are even free to play. Cheaper and convenient features attract players to try out large numbers of games and acquire a huge library in their pocket.

New mobile games have improved graphics, unique game size, and an amazing overall gameplay experience. Why would players/gamers not stick to such gaming platforms!

Games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds allow versatile players to play against each other in real-time. New mobile games can be integrated with the different social platforms players are already using on their smartphones. Thus, many games can be shared directly with gamer’s friends on social media.

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