Why Authors Should Promote Their Books at Trade Shows

Many different industries host trade shows on an annual or more frequent basis. There are shows for almost every type of business. There are national shows, state shows, and even smaller local events. Choosing which to attend comes down to which events are the best fit for your a course in miracles.

A book-industry trade show is a great place to see what other authors are doing to promote their books, and to meet and mingle with booksellers, librarians, and other industry professionals. More niche trade shows are a great way to find your target reader audience (rather than the higher-level booksellers). If your book is about bird watching, your state’s nature, sports, and outdoor expo might be the perfect place for you.

Why Attend a Trade Show?

The largest benefit you will get from most trade shows is the networking opportunities. It’s easy to strike up a conversation with someone when you know one of their interests. Talk books at a book show and RVs at an RV show. Make connections, and follow up with them later. You never know who you’ll run into and how they can help you and your book in the future.

You can gain exposure for both you and your book, whether you’re merely walking the show floor or displaying your book and other materials at a booth or stand.

-Walking around the show floor and visiting the different exhibitors can give you valuable insight on new ideas and trends in the market.

– What you see and hear can also be good fodder for your blog, especially if you can tie your own expertise into it.

– If you are at a book event, see how other authors are promoting their titles. There might be some ideas you can replicate.

Many trade shows will have additional educational sessions and seminars during the show.

Shows also look for speakers for the various educational sessions and seminars they hold. If you’re a speaker, look into how to get booked for the show.

Are you hoping to sell books at the show or just to increase your exposure? Not all fairs are focused on selling items. BookExpo America, for example, does not allow selling, so publishers and authors give away free copies of their books, hoping that the exposure at the show will result in recognition and sales later on.

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