“The Miracle Morning” – A Book Review

Are you living a life of acim podcast, of quiet desperation as Thoreau so aptly put it or are you living life to the fullest? Want to make every day a winner and advance rapidly in your network marketing and other areas of your life. Would you like to start each day with more motivation than you ever imagined possible and crush it in your home based business? Are you getting everything you want out of life? Do you even know where to begin? Are you jumping out of bed every day with enthusiasm or grudgingly slithering out of bed full of fear, anger, hostility, resentment or boredom?

Are you like the 95% of people who are going to their grave with their music still in them or are you among the top 5% living life to the fullest? I found a new book. It is “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod.

Hal was “killed” at the age of 20. After a head on collision at a closing speed of 150 MPH, he was clinically dead (no heart beat) for 6 minutes. The Miracle Morning documents a strategy Hal has used to find meaning in his life and to kickstart his days so that he is able to reach is full potential

Purported to already have helped many thousands of people live a fuller, better, more fulfilled life, “The Miracle Morning” is a recipe for starting your day off right, getting out of bed on the right foot so to speak.

The way you start every day will determine to a great extent, the quality of your day and hence, the quality of your life going forward. Today is a result of all that has gone on in the past. Tomorrow is a result of today. What actions will you take today to change the quality of your life today and therefore, tomorrow?

If we have one hour to devote, we spend approximately 10 minutes to each activity. For those who are truly challenged for time, Hal also has a 6 minute version. The reality is, the way we start our day will determine, to a great extent, the results we will experience throughout the day. If we start out sluggish and uninspired, so goes the day. But if we “kickstart” ourselves into action, the entire day can be more productive and we will advance forward toward our goals.

In “The Miracle Morning” Hal describes in much more depth each of these activities and makes suggestions for how to approach each one for maximum benefit. For example, if you have never sat in absolute silence and meditated, he gives a thorough explanation and practical advice for how to get started

The choice is yours and the Miracle Morning provides guidance, structure and framework for kick starting your day to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Start dreaming again and go kick start your day with “The Miracle Morning”.

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