The Introduction to Forex Trading Market

An introduction to Forex tradeonlinemarket must first start with the understanding that Forex is the world’s largest and most liquid trading market and often times considered as the best home business anyone can ever venture into even with the much talked about risks of Forex trading. But trading Forex without understanding what exactly Forex is all about is where majority of the risk falls into. It is no secret that on daily basis more and more investors are shifting from stocks and other financial vehicles such as bonds and commodities to the all-electronic world of Forex trading for income and profit because of its numerous benefits & advantages over traditional trading vehicles such as those mentioned above.

The foreign exchange which is often times referred to as Forex and it is not traded from a central exchange as is the case with stocks. The Forex market is traded over-the-counter (OTC), or the Interbank market. The interbank market is the network of banks which are linked electronically 24 hours and the trade of foreign currency is conducted through these banks.

As an investor in the Forex market what you are doing in essence is simultaneously exchanging on countries currency for another. A good illustration is as follows: GBP/USD -The first currency (in this example, the GBP) is referred to as the base currency and the second (USD) as the counter or quote currency. So if you buy the GBP you are simultaneously selling the USD as shown in the pair above.

Just as on any other market, Forex trading though with an exclusively high potential profitability is essentially risky as well. It is possible to make a living from trading the Forex market, but this must be follow after a certain training including a familiarization with the structure and kinds of currency pairs, the principles of currencies price formation, the factors affecting prices alterations and trading risks levels. Mastering techniques and strategies on how to use technical and fundamental analysis to make your trading decision is a road you definitely can not avoid.

After acquiring the basic knowledge of Forex trading, the next step would be to open a demo trading account and begin to put all you have learned into practice. Only when you have built a strategy that generates consistent profit should you move to a live account.

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