The Benefits of Having Two Photographers at Your Wedding

When it comes to deciding upon which Wedding Photographer NYC to book for your wedding, there are many factors that come into play; pricing, style, album choices, any recommendations, are just a few. However, one factor mostly overlooked is does the photographer offer a 2nd photographer?

Not every photographer offers a second photographer (sometimes called a 2nd shooter) in their package, or some may charge for this extra. But, what’s the fuss of having one? This article will help you realise what the benefits are.

But, before we begin, don’t get confused between a 2nd photographer and an assistant. The former takes photographs, and the latter assists the main photographer by carrying the equipment or helping holding extra lighting. Although, the former can also be the latter.

Firstly, have you ever taken a look at a wedding album and saw photographs of the happy couple at the altar, and on the next page a long shot looking down the aisle? No matter how great the main photographer is, their main fault is that they are just one person, and as a result, they can only be in one place at a time. So, by having a second photographer, this wouldn’t be a problem. The two photographers work as a team and ensure that neither of them are caught in camera as that would break the illusion.

Secondly, having a good second photographer, means you will get more shots for your money. This is because the main photographer will be shooting at one angle, and the 2nd shooter can take shots from a different angle, which creates a different view of the main shot. Also, the second photographer acts as an insurance policy for the main photographer. One of the nightmares that most wedding photographers face is the prospect of missing the important shot. This can be caused by either the Bride or Groom moving slightly to spoil the angle of the shot, or by any other factor. So, by having a 2nd photographer shooting at a different angle can take away that pressure.

The 2nd photographer can also be busy taking candid shots of guests, whilst the principal photographer can concentrate on shooting the main couple during the romantic portraits section of the day.

Another benefit of having a 2nd shooter is that in the unlikely event of the main photographer’s camera equipment failing, then they are in a position to continue shooting with the 2nd photographer’s equipment. Although, they should have back up equipment (and so should all good wedding photographers), it is more of a case of ensuring that the worse that could happen doesn’t happen.

So, when choosing your wedding photographer, find out if they do have a 2nd photographer available. Some photographers will charge extra for this. So, if you want extra value, consider one who includes a 2nd photographer with their packagesf

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