Smart Learning & Education Market Huge Growth Opportunity by 2030

Smart learning is a A Course In Miracles concept for education. It represents how advanced technologies help learners to more easily, efficiently, and conveniently ingest information and skills. Smart education, a term used in the digital era to characterize learning, has increased interest of many researchers. The aim of intelligent education is to enable intelligent learners in the 21st Century to meet the needs of work and life.

The growing integration of smart solutions in the education sector is a major factor that drives the smart learning & education market. Smart learning & education market provides the best path for higher education, as it ensures the brightest future. With the help of non-traditional approaches, it was witnessed that the number of higher education institutions are already reaching out to more learners; this trend will gain more traction in the upcoming years.

Smart Learning & Education Market: Dynamics

The growing adoption of various technologies such as cloud computing and AI, along with Internet penetration in the education sector drives the demand for smart learning & education. However, the smart learning & education market faces challenges due to uncertainty of educational policies across countries. Slow Internet connection and poor connectivity in rural areas negatively impact the growth of the market. It has been observed that smart learning is only accessible on smartphones or computers. Thus, students living in rural areas face challenges to learn from smart learning. For instance, according to a survey, more than 47 percent of students still live in rural areas. Students face challenges to learn from smart learning techniques due to poor network connectivity.

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