Project Management and Organistational Factors

Every property management rohnert park ca has its own culture, style, leadership approaches, and employee personalities that make it unique. These organizational characteristics greatly influence how projects are performed and managed.

This module will focus on different organizational cultures and styles and their impact on projects. In addition, we will discuss communication within the organization and how different styles can impact how projects are conducted, next we will review the impact that organizational structure has on how projects are performed and finally, we will examine organizational process assets and enterprise environmental factors.

Organizational Cultures and Styles

Organizations are unique and create their own cultural norms and styles for performing their operations. The norms and styles also impact project management, especially influencing the initiating and planning phases of the project. How the work is performed and who makes the decisions for the project will also be influenced by the culture of the organization.

Cultures and operational styles are considered enterprise environmental factors. We will discuss these factors and their importance in Module Four. The cultures and routine operational styles will impact the project’s ability to meet the objectives, stay on budget, and finish on time.

Project managers need to understand the organization’s culture in order to effectively plan projects for success. Culture also plays a valuable role in project management since many companies are now global and the project teams often consist of various cultures, so managers must recognize these differences and bring the team together.

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