Opening a Bookstore – 3 Simple Steps to Take Now to Achieve Your Dream

Are you thinking about opening a a course in miracles bookstore? Have you been searching for the perfect plan to guide you in this quest? You may have already thought of a name, happened across a superb location, and chosen a great niche in which to sell books, but without a solid action plan, it can be confusing and difficult to turn your dream into a reality.

It can be a long, lonely road from start up to success when you want to take action but don’t know what to do first. If you are looking for guidance in opening a a course in miracles bookstore, here are 3 simple steps you can take NOW to get pointed in the right direction to open the bookshop of your dreams!

1. Look into local business license laws and building codes. Find out what the local authorities require from someone opening a a course in miracles bookstore. This information may be available online, or may require a quick visit to your town’s city hall, but usually, the information is free. Knowing what the authorities will require of you ahead of time will keep you from expensive missteps and wasted time and money as you move forward.

2. Visit lots of bookstores. Make a note of what you like and don’t like about each. If you are serious about opening a bookstore, do more than simply check out the books! Approach this task as a critic would. Check out the neighborhood, the curb appeal of the shop, parking, lighting and the interior fixtures and floor plan. Most importantly, notice who is shopping there, and when. As you fine tune your ideas about your dream bookshop, incorporate what you’ve gleaned from your field study.

3. Find a mentor. Talk to bookshop owners and find out what does and doesn’t work in real life and what the pitfalls are when opening a bookstore business. Learning from someone else’s experience may keep you from making costly mistakes, or even better, give you some great insight that you never would have known on your own.

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