My Favorite Health Food Is Chocolate

Eventually, the medical science has discovered the fact that was quite known to all of us, POLKADOT CHOCOLATE namely, chocolate is beneficial for us. And I think this fact has come to light with the passage of time.When you start eating chocolate, make sure that you take one bite at a time. This is crucial. Do not get tempted to take double or triple bites as you start. In the future, as you become habitual of eating chocolate you may develop the right way of eating chocolate.

In regard to medical research conducted recently, chocolate has beneficial effects on the humans. Who was unaware of this fact? Being a subscriber to the Old English Journal of Homemade Cures and Potions, I have known for many years that eating chocolates is good for our health. For several years, this journal published many articles, making the people aware of the advantages of chocolates. And I have always been very fond of eating chocolates, not to mention many chocolate candies.

This aroused an upsetting thought in my mind. Thanks to the advancement of medical science and medicine but what I need to know is that if medical science was wrong in case of chocolate, what other things it was wrong in? Is it because of my long-time suspicions about broccoli are right? Has the medical science, which endorsed the dietary advantages of broccoli, been wrong throughout these years?

For many years, I have been supporting the idea that broccoli was harmful to you and chocolate was beneficial to you. It appears that I have been partially right and I think that I will take some more years to prove myself 100 percent right on both the aspects. For I have been right about chocolate, I am not in a position to take a risk that I was wrong about broccoli. I always try to eat as much as chocolates as I can and avoid consuming broccoli in any form.

With the discoveries of the facts about chocolate, I decided to share my views on how to eat chocolate. Because there had been misconception about the chocolate that eating chocolate is not healthy and many people still need to learn how to eat chocolates. I have considerable expertise in the art of consuming chocolate and I have empty boxes as evidence to prove myself.

Before sharing my tips on consuming chocolate, I just want to assert that chocolate chip cookie is the basic host for chocolate for the inexperienced chocolate eater. Each chocolate chip cookie is comprised of appropriate amount of chocolate for the person who had been avoiding chocolates for many years.

Therefore, begin with a chocolate chip cookie to ensure that you are on the safe ground of the issue. To know about the appropriate proportion of cookies, calculate weight divided by your height (in inches) and multiplied by your age. This formula does work! For chocolate is a new category of food for many people, I want to give some tips as you discover the advantages of chocolates.

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