How to Identify Internet Scams and Avoid From Going Bankrupt

With the establishment of the World Wide Web, internet users fell prone to various types of Report Scam and tricks. Prior to the invention of the WEB, we only had a few things to worry about such as being robbed physically by someone stalking us in the car park or someone breaking into our home. However with the rise in technology the criminals also become technologically aware and ready.

They now thought of more sophisticated ways of robbing us and ways in which they are not easily traced. These Internet Scams come in various forms: I can relate to them as I nearly become a victim of it. And I receive the emails from them on a regular basis.The answer is there is no MONEY… THE ONLY MONEY WILL BE INVOLVED is that which you will be sending them.

1.The lottery Scams: They send these in the form of emails, telling you how much money you have WON.. They are so slick that they will tell you that your name was chosen randomly from the net and thus your ticket number is xxxxxxxxx. My advice to you is don’t buy into this. There are no lotteries in the world where they choose internet users randomly and thus just give away cash like that. All legal lotteries operate with the aim of making a profit.

Winning a legal lottery is merely luck for any winner. The lottery company will decide when they play the winning numbers thus they will not play the winning numbers until they make their set profit. If they do, they will only operate at a loss. Now how can these proclaimed lottery scammers afford to pay out so much money? Where do they get the money from?

Continuing on the path of the lottery scam: Now if you should respond to them, their next request will be that you send them some money to process your winnings: My goodness!! Now, where on earth have you heard that the winner has to pay in order to get their winning!! . Sad to say, but people do fall for this.

I see it as a burning desire for cash. When develop such a desire for cash , we will sometimes do stupid things to get it. But sad to say, we might just end up like the greedy dogs. That’s just how all these cases ended anyway. Another sad thing is that these thieves are targeting certain niches (group of people). They target the elderly. I really hope this article is read by everyone except for a scammer. Its time for people to become aware of all the tactics used.

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