How Football Stickers Contribute to Your Love For Football

pes 2021 mobile unlimited coins, a team game played in North America with an oval ball on a field. According to this definition, there is nothing especially unique about football. So what makes it so great, why do we all love it so much? Is it that mentality of team? A large group of people all for one goal. Is it the fact that football is only played in the United States? Or is it because it comes with wings and beers. Or perhaps is a combination of all three.

When I was younger my gym teacher would always say “TEAM, Together Everyone Achieves More.” And it’s true, when it comes to a team game there is no ‘one man team’ all members have to work together for a victory. When fans are fanatic about the sport it’s because they feel as though they are apart of the team. People wear the jerseys, they drink out of team cups, they put football stickers all over their stuff all to support their team. And in a way, these fans are actually part of the team. As these fans support and wear their team, they are in fact a vital part of that football team. Without fans, football teams would be nowhere. They wouldn’t have confidence therefore they wouldn’t win. The actual football team has to be able to work together to achieve the goal. If they don’t, they are not a team because team means together everyone achieves more.

Teams are great! But having a sport that is unique to our country is awesome! If the entire world played football, it wouldn’t be all that exciting to us.  This sport is exclusive to the United States. Its part of our culture, there are traditions that come with the game there is a certain day we watch the game on. This North American unique game provides common ground for the entire country. There are fans in every single town across the U.S.  America is also a melting pot. There are so many different ethnicity here that almost all of our food is not genuinely ‘American’ when it comes to football, it is something that has been invented in this country and has stayed unique to it for many years.

As part of our culture, there are certain things that ‘go’ with football. There are fans and spirit wear. But the two most loved companions of football are the things we can consume. Beer and wings, the two necessities to any foot football fan. Every time my family sits down to watch the game, we have a sufficient supply of wings and beer, and every time there is a game on in a sports bar in town and my family happens to be present, wings are ordered and occasionally a beer. These two things just go with football. In every commercial I have ever seen about football and its fans, these two items have been there. It’s a culture thing and we should be proud if it. We’re different; I don’t see any other country pigging out over food while watching people tackle each other!

All three aspects covered here are true. We love football for these reasons, but not just these reasons individually. The ‘network’ of football is like a ships crew, there are many parts to it, and without one part or the other, it would not function correctly. Over the years people have introduced new traditions and customs to our little world of football. We have kept these traditions and we keep adding new ones every day. We have turned something very simple into something puzzle like, complex. Without every single part, you can’t see the picture.

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