History Of Meditation – The Age-Old Practice

Even though there are several structured forms of selbsthilfe today, the history of meditation goes back to thousands of years. It is believed that primitive man might have discovered the art of meditation, mesmerized by the blazing fires they built and going into a trance even as they watched the fire.

Archaeological findings reveal yogic figures in the Indus Valley Civilization, which proves that meditation existed thousands of years ago. The Indian scriptures dating back more than five thousand years talk about different methods of selbsthilfe kurs! As times developed, this became more structured. Throughout its history, meditation has been perceived as religion-related, but now, its health benefits are being recognized and appreciated.

Subsequently the next big thing in the history of persönliche entwicklung is credited to Buddha in 500 BC. He initiated his students and followers into the principles of meditation and this reached out across Asia, becoming very widespread in China, Japan, Tibet, and other Asian countries. Different methods evolved as this happened. Slowly other parts of the world developed their own methods of meditation.

Among the best-known forms is Buddhist meditation and Hindu meditation. This became popular in the western countries over time and the benefits of meditation were esteemed highly as people were practicing it all over the world.

Meditation And Its Benefits

People who regularly made a practice of it have achieved peace of mind, physical and mental balance. People who are depressed and anxious can get rid of their condition through meditation. In today’s world when stress is a way of life, meditation is the only thing that can help achieve peace without any harmful side effects.

There is proof that people even give up drinking, smoking and drug abuse. In terms of health benefits, meditation practitioners have been able to lower their blood pressure and found it easier to relax, thereby enabling themselves handle life in a better way. Pregnant women are advised to practice meditation so that they can bear labor pain better. Those who have undergone surgery are recommended to make use of meditation to minimize the use of drugs and to recover and heal much faster than they would without meditation.

All through the past events of meditation, the body and mind have achieved abundant advantages. There is no restriction on where one can meditate because it is possible to do it at home or at work in a quiet environment.

The development of meditation has given rise to various forms of meditation today of which the most well known, apart from Buddhist meditation are Chakra meditation, transcendental meditation, active meditation, kabbalah meditation, Chinese meditation, Zen meditation and so on. In fact, meditation is done to the accompaniment of music to facilitate the process. The latest discovery is binaural meditation that makes use of audio brain entrainment to help the person meditate through sound recordings.

Meditation knows no age bar. People of all ages and ranks can reap the benefits of meditation through regular practice. Today, https://www.bloombay.eu/ is a worldwide phenomenon that is essential for man to survive the rigors of his fast paced life.

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