Head Teachers – Managing Health and Safety in your School

The Employer, this is the LEA, envio sms masivo the Foundation and/or the school whoever may be regarded as the employer under H&S law. The Employer can be an individual or like an LEA or school which is a Body Corporate for the purposes of safety law and its’ enforcement. Non employer individuals as well as the school may be subject of enforcement if they do not carry out their duties.

As they exercise the function of employer in Foundation, Private or Voluntary Aided Schools. Employees, Visitors and Contractors could also be subject of enforcement if they do not carry out their duties under H&S Law. This could apply to an individual who the policies/procedures of the Employer and manage Health and Safety on their site.This could apply to some Governor, Directors and/or Trustees and any individuals who may be dutyholders, as far

tampered with safety equipment or put someone at risk by negligence or incompetence.This could even be a pupil in a Secondary School who acts maliciously or in a grossly negligent way.So anyone on the school site might be considered liable, except for children below the age of criminal reponsibility. However,it is the Head Teacher who is the main dutyholder and their main duty is to implement

What are the requirements to manage safety? he Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations(1992 – 9) defined that all schools needed to manage safety. To do this any school needs to have a system for carrying out its’ H&S duties and also for reviewing safety matters in case situations change within the school .

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