Garage Opener Installation – Take it All the Way

Garage Flooring College Station openers are truly one of the best forms of technology that we have today. It truly provides convenience for the whole family. It enables us to feel safe and secure because we no longer need to manually open and close our garage door. It will keep us from the pouring rain or any form of bad weather. If we come home at night and it is dark, we won’t need to be afraid of having to get out of our car at night.

Being able to do garage opener installations is a great thing. It can really save you quite a bit of money if you do not want to hire a professional to do it for you. However, there are risks of doing it yourself, so you will need to first of all check to see if you are capable of handling it by yourself. Have you had previous experience installing? Have you watched neighbors or friends install garage openers before?

It’s always good to ask yourselves these questions so that you will know exactly where to go from there. If you feel you are not capable of doing it yourself, then please don’t hesitate to ask for professional help. Here are some steps however for installing the garage opener.

1.) Align all the rail pieces of the garage door opener in the proper sequence as it is written in the manual. Be sure that they are locked or bolted in place.
2.) Have the idler pulley aligned and then bolt it to the door at the end of the rails, then slide the trolley on the rails and bolt the rails to the unit opener.
3.) You can now use a screwdriver to slip the drive belt through the hole in the rails cause that will hold the trolley in place. Then attach one of the ends of the chain or drive belt to the trolley.
4.) Make sure that the drive belt or chain is wrapped around the idler pulley and also the sprocket. Then open the garage door all the way to that you know how far the door will go.
5.) Use a tape measure to know where the center of your garage door is at. Mark it and it should be 2 inches above the garage door. The intersection here is where the header bracket will be mounted.
6.) Mount the header bracket and close the garage door.
7.) Have the idler pulley attached at the end of the assembly opener to where the header bracket is about the garage door. Next open the garage door and raise the opener until it is 2 inches about the opened door.
8.) The mounting bracket will be attached to the garage ceiling joists with lag screws, then the opener unit can be attached to with the hanging brackets.
9.) The door controls should then be installed, then have the push buttons attached near the door on the garage wall.
10.) Have the electric eye sensors installed on both sides of the garage door. Then the wires with the insulated stapes should be fastened along the garage frame, you can then connect the wires to the proper area.
11.) The garage door bracket should be attached to the garage door, and it should also be in line with the guide rail. Close the door tightly after that.
12.) Next pin the curved door arm to the door bracket then pin the curved door arm to the trolley.
13.) Make sure the two arms are aligned then bolt them together and plug in the opener unit and test.
14.) Finally, based on the instruction manual given, be sure to adjust the door control unit so that you can choose the force of the movement of the garage door when it goes up and down.

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