Delectable ELiquids To Tempt The Tastebuds IGET Hot Flavours

If you’ve recently used electronic cigarettes to kick the habit of smoking, then you’re probably already aware of the dazzling array of flavours you can actually try when you ‘IGET Hot Flavours‘. Whether you’re still using nicotine-containing juice or have switched to 0mg nicotine, you still have access to some weird and wonderful flavourings and types of e-liquid.

One of the first flavour types people want to try is fruit. It’s not typically something you can get on the cigarette counter, and who doesn’t love a bit of fresh fruit thrown into their day? Starting with some of the more ‘generic’ fruits, you can get e-liquids flavoured like banana, strawberry, lemon, lime and even cherry. That’s barely even scratching the surface. If you’ve heard of a fruit, chances are that there’s an e-liquid of it. And then we can start getting fancy. Fruit pies, citrus fruit blends and key-lime are among the tantalising liquids that you can vape. It’s just a shame they aren’t one of your five-a-day.

One of the biggest successes in e-liquid creation is the arrival of Jagerbomb in vape form. If you’ve not had it’s slightly more inebriating namesake, it’s a hell of a drink. There’s obviously no alcohol in the e-liquid but the taste is almost spot-on. It just means that you won’t get the hangover. Like something a little more refined? Mojito, Martini and Amaretto are among more tipples in e-juice form. Of course there’s plenty to be said for softer and hot drinks. You’re pretty much guaranteed to be blown away by the various coffee, lemonade, fruit juice and soda-flavoured e-liquids.

Remember gummy bears? Tasty little blighters they were. Sherbet was another childhood favourite of many. And who doesn’t love a silky smooth chocolate bar when they’re feeling blue? All of these can be found in e-liquid form and the best part is you get 100% of the enjoyment with none of the calories. Ideal, really.

The more you travel the world, the more you’ll probably discover that some cultures have some weird delicacies. You’ll not be surprised then, that the same goes for e-juices for your electronic cigarette. Ever heard of Salmiac? It’s a salty liquorice confection enjoyed in Finland. Not hugely popular elsewhere, but by GOD the e-liquid is popular in Europe. It doesn’t stop with strange sweets either, there have been whispers of bacon, roast dinner and even flower-flavoured juices for ecigs. I kid you not.

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