Creating Custom Stationery at Home

It was always fun to go to the local لوازم تحریر store and buy cute letter paper with matching envelopes, pretty thank you notes and colorful notepads, but everyone else bought the same things, so your stationery was never quite unique. Now that you can order or create your own custom stationery, you know for sure that no one else is going to have the same designs as you. Businesses, large and small have always used specially designed letterheads and logos as their own exclusive trademarks, but the custom stationery that you design for yourself does not have to be that formal. There are so many ways to personalize your stationery and so many occasions to use it.

With a computer and color printer, you have your very own print shop right in your own home. Microsoft and Mac, as well as other websites offer good tutorials on the web for making customized stationery for email as well as letter paper, using programs already installed on your computer. If you do not want to use the regular fonts on your computer, there are plenty of websites where you can download free fonts and you will find lots of interesting and unusual lettering there.

You can look at websites selling templates for custom letterheads. Should you like any of their designs, you can choose a font or typestyle and the colors that you want and have your letterhead entirely customized to your specifications. Some templates allow you to insert photographs as well.

Look at stationery software, too. You can download this software free of charge from some sites and create exclusive stationery for yourself – and for your friends too. Apart from your name and address, you can design a monogram or simple logo for yourself as well.

To customize your stationery further, consider using letter paper with a watermark. There is something very elegant about a watermark, perhaps because it is so subtle and you can only see it if you hold the paper upto the light. Your custom watermark image can be your signature, a monogram, a family crest or just your name in stylized lettering.

A minimally designed letterhead printed out on this paper will look very exclusive – in fact, just the letter paper itself with its personalized watermark is a neat piece of custom stationery. You can also use handmade paper. There is handmade paper available that you can print on with deskjet and inkjet printers. It is crisp enough to feed easily into a printer and makes a pretty background for your personalized letterhead.

Customized embossers and stationery stamps will complete your home custom stationery kit. Having an embosser or stamper (or both, in different colors), with your name, address and monogram or graphic of your choice, means that any piece of paper will serve as your personalized stationery. Keep a stack of flat cards and folded notes handy, and you can create customized cards for a gift and personalized notes at a moment’s notice. Stamp napkins, books, and gift bags – and you won’t need labels either, just use your handy stamper!

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