Create the Miracle of Purpose in Life by Living a Fulfilling Life

Simply ask the Holy Spirit to teach you about living a fulfilling life, but do not use your experiences to confirm the false. This will only agitate you, keep you in the past, and keep peace away.

acim begin when for you when you realize that, The first obstacle that peace must flow across is your desire to get rid of it. For it cannot extend unless you keep it.

By your refusal to attempt teaching yourself what you do not know about life fulfillment, the Holy Spirit-your real inner Self and Guide for life, will step in and speak for you.
This is the miracle happening, and you cannot be your own guide to miracles, because it is you that made them necessary.

Because you made the false, the means for undoing is the miracle being provided for you. The Holy Spirit will always be there through God whenever you need to turn to Him ever so little in living a fulfilling life and purpose in life.

The miracle acknowledges His changelessness of the way He sees you as you always were. The miracle does not change you in order to fill an important slot, or to keep up with current trends.

It brings you back to who you truly were, and still are, before you started teaching and changing yourself. The miracle gives you purpose in life and life fulfillment.

The miracle brings on the effects that the cause of guiltlessness started. In other words, your cause is being guilt free about who and what you are. The effects then will blossom.

After years of progressive hearing loss, by the age of forty-six the German composer and pianist Ludwig von Beethoven had become completely deaf. Nevertheless he wrote his greatest music, living a fulfilling life including five symphonies, during his later years.

Was the miracle in Beethoven’s abilities to play the piano, as well as compose and living a fulfilling life? No, the miracle was within his acceptance life fulfillment through the God-given talents he had, and that he recognized them to begin with.

The miracle also continued in the fact that Beethoven lived his life pursuing and fulfilling the Will of God, which somehow Beethoven determined was also his own purpose in life and true free will.
When he realized his hearing was gone, he could have easily perceived in himself that composing music was not his purpose and pursued something else.

Instead, he went with his true gut feelings, regardless of his physical impairments and began living a fulfilling life. Had he not, his life may have been filled with guilt and regret and lacking life fulfillment.

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