Cocaine Use – The Physical Abuse it Doles on the Body

buy cocaine online use, as well as any prolonged drug use, has physical complications which go along with using it. The complications can run from minor complications we learn to deal with, to major medical complications caused by continued use, such as overdose, heart attack or stroke. Cocaine use is well known to be very harmful to the brain.

Loss of memory capabilities is one of the factors which comes from cocaine use. During the rush of a cocaine high, when the blood pressure elevates and the blood vessels constrict causing a lack of oxygen, the brain cells deteriorate at an elevated level.

When this high comes on and the blood pressure spikes and the blood vessels constrict the physical abuse on the blood stream is immense. This is why you hear of people having heart attacks and strokes with cocaine use.

There are several ways in which a person can take cocaine. It can be snorted, smoked or injected. All with physical complications derived from each. The problem being that many who use cocaine, often use all of these methods and therefore compounding the physical abuse.

Snorting cocaine (inhaling through the nose) will after time cause coke nose, which is damage to the mucus membrane of the nose. Cocaine users often have nose bleeds or runny and stuffy noses for days after their last usage. Coke nose is often visible when the ulcers deteriorate completely through to the outside of the nose.

Injection of cocaine, or any drug for that matter, carries the risk of infection and also carries the risk of HIV if the needles are shared. The sharing of needles is often common on the party scene.

Another physical abuse caused by cocaine addiction which is not often mentioned is the fact that cocaine is a cut drug. That meaning that the pure cocaine, because it is lethal, must be cut with some other substance to dilute it to a lesser potency, and also more money is made by the dealer with it cut. The problem stems often from the cutting agent used. It has often been the norm for dealers to try different cutting agents to give a different high or a higher high. Animal worming solutions and other medicines are sometimes used to do this. These substances often break down the immune system which in time causes death, and many deaths from this go unreported because hospitalization is not often sought by heavy cocaine users.

As you can see cocaine use doles out much physical abuse on the body. It is imperative that when you see what complications it can cause that you seek help to get off the cocaine habit.

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