Choosing the Best Roll Down Shutters

Most roll down کرکره برقی are custom fit to be used on a specific opening. Generally when they are installed in new construction they are installed right into the wall or window frame. Some are powered with electric while others require manual rolling up and down. There are many uses for this form of window protection. Also known as hurricane shutters, rolling shutters, and security shutters, they are multi-tasking shutters that perform a lot of different jobs, not just one.

When used for security, roll down shutters provide a deterrent against theft by providing an additional layer that any would-be burglar would have to go through. In many cases, the material that the roll down shutters are constructed from are so impact resistant that it completely stops the thief from getting beyond it. Many residents use their storm shutters as a security shutter as well, closing them at night for protection.

Rolling security shutters can be put into a wall or inside the window frame of new construction or can be attached to the exterior of existing structures. In addition to providing the additional safety by deterring intruders, roll down shutters also increase safety during severe storms, protecting the windows from flying debris and thus protecting the interior of your home from water damage, wind damage and other damage caused by storms.

In some states, roll down shutters also improve the fire protection of a home. Because the heat generated by fires usually breaks the glass of windows, these fire proof shutters protect the glass and keep it cooler, making it easier to control the possibility of fire from outside sources.

Use of these shutters can increase the value of your home, especially in areas where storm damage is very common. Having these installed during construction or after construction, there is a low impact to the visual effects of the exterior of the home. The added security factor of the roll down shutters gives an increase in value as well as a decrease in insurance rates on the home while protecting the valuables inside from both theft and sun and weather damage.

Commonly used in Florida and California, the roll down shutters provide added protection from high winds and storms of hurricanes and other severe weather. Because of the added temperatures in these states, they also commonly provide additional cooling ability to the homes by blocking out the heat of the day and decreasing energy costs because of the lower use of air conditioning units.

There are many manufacturers of these products. Doing a simple search for roll down shutters, rolling shutters or security shutters will turn up a good amount of different sites to visit, each with their own unique process or material. Doing research on the different options as well as time needed for production and installation is a good way to start your search to find a reputable brand.

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