Pros and Cons of Private Christian Schools

Christian schools are a type of private school specifically catered to people of the Christian religion and because of this there are great debates on their pros and cons. Christian schools offer a wide range of pros including the teaching of the mystical christ morals, ethics and knowledge of the Bible; they also have high standards of discipline and academic achievement surpassing most public schools. Although these are great positives there are also a few cons, these being that it is not free and as a private school you will have to pay for the education, the knowledge in some fields including science and evolution are usually covered lightly or completely left out due to the preconceptions of the Christian faith and finally it does not allow social interaction between children who follow a different religion or simply none which is also a great disadvantage in how a child sees the world.

The level of education based on marks shows that Christian schools are ahead of the average. This is a major point for parents to consider. These higher marks are a great pro as you give your child a better chance of success after school. Christian schools offer mostly the same subjects as any other school but find ways to include the ideals of Christianity and knowledge of the Bible. If you are a Christian this is a great way for you to know that your kids are getting taught the ideals you think are important.

There is also a higher level of discipline in Christian schools caused by several factors including the smaller numbers making it easier to control and stricter rules and consequences. Christian schools have a renowned level of discipline that makes them highly sought after and a great incentive to parents.

Although all that is great, there are some downsides to a Christian school as it is paid education and this can put a strain on some families. Christian Schools are not funded by the government which allows them to hire their own teachers whether they are licensed or not as and this of course can be a disadvantage as these teachers are not tested by government courses. Although this seems like a big con, Christian schools on average still maintain high test scores, which means they are most likely being taught proficiently. These teachers are usually hired because of their knowledge of the Bible.

Christian Schools can also can deny or at least hinder the ability of someone not from the Christian religion joining. This can cause segregation from the outside world, unlike public schools that can provide a very multicultural experience. This limits their social interaction with different types of people.

Christian schools have set curriculum that usually limits exposure to some popular scientific methods including evolution that is denied by most of the Christian community according to the knowledge from the Bible. Lack of exposure to these methods is not recommended as it denies the right for children to learn about conflicting ideas and eventually make their own choices in life and faith.

Overall it depends upon the family or background to see if how these pros and cons will affect you or your children. This means that all pros and cons should be assessed with that in mind e.g. If you are from a different religion the cons will stand out more than for a Christian family who wish their children to learn the knowledge of the bible. In the end the decision should be made after assessing all possible outcomes and deciding which is best for your children’s growth intellectually and socially.

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