Magic, Miracles and the Law of Attraction

Magic; we all want to believe that magic exists and that a course in miracles are possible as well. We want to believe. Remember that. Because you have been lied to. You have been taught that reality is what you can see, touch, and feel. You have been carefully instructed that life is hard, a struggle, limited, and achieving visions is impossible. Because of this belief system, you are caught up in a life that becomes limiting, challenging, chaotic, or just plain hard. You forget you have inside of you, the gene, the cell, the creator of unlimited potential. You have the possibility of living a prosperous, enriching, loving and fulfilling life, a dream come true, a major transformational miracle.

Here is how it works. Thoughts create belief. Belief molds reality because your beliefs shape your thoughts and what you think about your life is the life you are living in the now. Thus the life you are now living is the only one you believe you can.

How does this help? Change your belief. Instead of reaffirming limits, state the opposite. I can do this, instead of I can’t. I found it helped to act as if I really did have a vision. I said to myself, suppose this is true, that my thoughts create my reality. Why don’t I try thinking that my vision of healing and inspiring millions of people was real. Why don’t I just pretend that I already am the author of an Amazon best seller, a regular guest on Oprah, and the host of my own TV show, Make Your Miracle Today?

Do you understand the simplicity of this? Imagine the opposite of what you have been telling yourself about why you can’t do it, and just find ways to make it happen. That gene inside you is in fact a miracle genie. You can rub it and make magical wishes. I wish I was courageous enough to pursue a career as a chef. I wish I could follow my dream and travel and make money. Don’t say I can’t do this. Instead, tell yourself the following:

Such a complex yet simple system. It works. Change your thinking. Rub your Miracle Genie, wake up your Miracle Muscle and get to work. What is it you have always wished you had the guts or courage to do or be or live? That is your passion. That dream is usually the roots of your vision. You see miracles and magic have been surrounding and touching you for years. You just didn’t listen, you did not hear because you were so busy tuning out the messenger.

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