Keep Fit The Enjoyable Way – Ride A Bike

As a sport and a pastime cycling is growing on popularity at a fantastic rate. We’re in the midst of the cycling track season which is getting a fantastic amount of television coverage. As well as that there is the Olympics coming up in August in which cycling will feature heavily. Cycling is a great sport to get into; you’ve got so many options open to you with where you go and what distance you cover as well as choosing a style of e bike damen that suits your needs.

Road racing bicycles are designed for use on normal highway roads and are ideally suited for covering greater distances than other types of bicycles. Because the tyres on a road bike are thinner than those on different bicycles it is easier to ride over distance, the bikes are also made of lighter material and the components that go to make up the bike are less weighty. All these things add up to making a very light racing bike. The gearing on a road bike is also different and usually comprises of twelve to fourteen gears. It is possible to get road bikes designed for riding on different road surfaces depending on the road surfaces where you live; it is possible to even get a road bike specifically designed for riding on paved roads. Road bikes all come with the capacity to fit bike lights to the front for safety.

Track cycling is very popular, if you have a track near you and you like cycling it is well worth a trip to the velodrome to give it a go. A track bicycle is a totally different beast to a road bike. In looks they are very similar but the track bike is totally stripped of components, no gears and no brakes. The only things that go to make up a track bike is wheels, frame and pedals, that is it. A track bicycle runs on a fixed wheel which means that as you pedal the wheels and pedal cranks go around, as with a standard road bike but you cannot free wheel with a track bike as the chain is directly linked to the rear wheel. This takes a little bit of time to get used to but is easy enough to come to grips with after a while. You can usually hire a track session for one hour which will include the use of a track bike. As track bikes are always ridden indoors there is no need for bike lights to be fitted.

The popularity in mountain bikes has grown overwhelmingly in the past few years. In reality if you are looking to start cycling in earnest then a mountain bicycle may be your best option to start with. You tend to ride a mountain bike in a more sit up right position which many people find more comfortable to start off with. I would always recommend fitting bike lights to a mountain bike, especially if you go off road. Mountain bikes are generally heavier than road bikes but come with much lower gearing for getting up steep hills. Mountain bikes are generally not used for riding as many miles as road bicycles as their weight tends to make them harder to propel.

If you intend riding more miles than you would maybe do with a mountain bike but do not want the position that a road bike gives you then a hybrid bike [] may be the one for you. A hybrid bike is exactly that, a hybrid of a road bike and a mountain bike, so it gives you a slightly heavier frame than a road bike but lighter than a mountain bike, a nicer riding position than a road bike but the same gearing as a mountain bike. In exactly the same way as a road or mountain bike, you can fit bike lights to a hybrid bike. These bikes are growing in popularity all the time as they offer more things to more people.

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