Dental Tourism Abroad- Top 5 COVID-19 Considerations for Patients

The impact is evident in almost every region across the globe due to government-enforced lock-down, social distancing and quarantine rules. This has led local خرید یونیت دندانپزشکی clinics recommending cancellation of all non-emergency dental treatments, whereas dental tourism (traveling abroad for dental care) is out of the question. However, it is also a fact that such a situation will not stay forever. People will get adjusted to the “new normal” and move towards safety solutions. 1.Dental Travel- Hope Lies in the Future

Some countries are showing positive signs of improvement. For example, Mexico has remarkably managed the outbreak of coronavirus and likely to restart its health tourism industry soon. The country has initiated efforts to loosen restrictions and reopen its economy and one of the vital measures has been accepting foreign patients from some countries by following certain isolation rules and security conditions. you plan to visit is strictly following the safety protocols.

Gradually, more countries will also start accepting international patients, which will give a boost to medical travel including dental tourism. However, the dental care providers need to be stricter as the chances of virus transmission are significantly higher in a dental procedure in comparison to other treatments. 2.COVID Transmission and Dental Treatment

The COVID-19 virus can be present in the infected patients’ saliva, which plays a key role in human to human transmission. Healthcare professionals like dentists may unknowingly provide direct care to the infected but asymptomatic patients or people who are not yet diagnosed with COVID-19. The dentists can be at high risk of inhaling aerosols or airborne particles produced during dental procedures on such patients, as the chances of being exposed to the virus directly increase significantly.

Those dentists can carry on treatments on other patients before they start developing symptoms and may transmit the virus on them as well. Thus, dentistry is a high-risk branch, which calls for proper safety measures and preventive strategies for every dentist and clinics providing dental care. 3.Check Safety Measures Taken by the Dental Clinic Many people are waiting for the ease of travel restrictions and book for dental procedures abroad. If you are one of them, it is very important to get assured that the clinic .

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