Betting for a Novice – 3 Most Popular Betting Types

For the novice, sports akskybet can seem very daunting. However the basics are very simple and if you can master those you can beat the bookies in time. Before you start betting you need to be able to understand that there are lots of different types of bets. The reason for this is because it gives you more of a choice and can make betting more exciting. The three most straight forward are Win Only, Each Way and Place Only.

A win bet is very straight forward you simply need to pick an outcome of a particular match or race picking only one selection. So if we look at an example of a Win Only bet lets take a football match there are three possible outcomes Home Win, Away Win or a Draw. If we think the home side will win the match then we would place a Win Only bet on the home side winning the match. In a horse race we would pick one horse that we believe will win the race.

The next bet type is Each Way, this bet is slightly more complicated but if we look at it as placing two bets rather than the one is becomes clearer. If somebody places a £10 each-way bet what this actually means is a total bet of £20. So lets look at a horse race if I was to place a £10 each way bet on Frankel the first £10 bet would be on Frankel finishing in 1st and the other £10 goes on Frankel finishing in the places (which can be anything from 2nd to 6th depending on the race) So effectively the second part of the bet is used as a back up to the win part of the bet.

The third type of bet is used if you’re not confident of picking the winner but have a good idea of your selection will finish high up the field. So if you not confident in Frankel winning the race but think he will get in the top three you can place a bet him finishing in the top positions. A place bet is good to use with the odds of your selection to win is very high as the odds for them too place should be very good too.

Now you have a good understanding of what types of bets are available it’s best to bet small amounts at first and only ever bet what you can afford. It’s always good to search around before you bet to see if you can find betting tips that can help give you an edge over the bookmaker.

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