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Haraszthy200 Festival


Presentations of the Wine Conference
István Zelenák: The Secret of Tokaji Aszú
Hajnalka Prácser: Sonoma and Tokaj - Wine Towns and Wine Regions
Iván András Bojár: Wine and Metropolis
Máté Lachegyi: Wine in Art
László Bálint: The chemical and aesthetic attributes of the wine
János Szász Saxon: Painting with wine and art
Balázs Humayer: Tokaj-Sonoma Association
Welcome and opening speeches
Zsuzsa Dárdai - Don Soker Gallery, B55 Gallery
László Kálmán - Don Soker Gallery
Timothy A. Betts - B55 Gallery
Bálint Szombathy - B55 Gallery
Introductions of programs, performers and partners
Solaris Duo - Contemporary American Music Performance
Festive Concert: Sound of Age, Taste of Music
Contemporary Dance Performance by Emese Jantner and Zoltán Feicht
Hungarian Winery Partners of Festival
The Count of Buena Vista Winery – Theatre
Haraszthy200 Festival