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Haraszthy200 Festival

Haraszthy200 Festival

American-Hungarian history keeps track of Ágoston Haraszthy (1812-1869) as the first Hungarian to settle down in the USA and as the founding father of the viticulture in California. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Ágoston Haraszthy we are organizing a monumental event – ‘Haraszthy200 Festival’ - in California and in Hungary.

Haraszthy200 Festival

Haraszthy200 Festival


Haraszthy200 Festival


Haraszthy200 Festival Haraszthy200 Festival

Main events, timing

August-November 2012, California

Red & White
Contemporary Art Exhibitions related to the topic: ‘colors of the wine’
30 August-27 September 2012 - San Francisco
5 October-4 November 2012 - Sonoma
Haraszthy-Tokaj-Grape Harvest
Haraszthy200 FestivalExhibition presenting the winning works of Tokaj’s children’s drawing competition
31 August 2012 - Sonoma
Sonoma-Tokaj celebration
A ceremony dedicated to the event where Sonoma and Tokaj become sister cities; with reception
31 August 2012 - Sonoma

October-November 2012, Hungary

Press Conference
Conference for representatives of media
3 October 2012 - Budapest
Red & White
Contemporary Art Exhibition related to the topic: ‘colors of the wine’
4 October-4 November 2012 - Budapest
Haraszthy200 Wine Conference
Haraszthy200 FestivalProfessioinal programme
5 October 2012 - Tokaj
Haraszthy-Sonoma-Grape Harvest
Exhibition presenting the winning works of Sonoma’s children’s drawing competition
6 October-4 November 2012 - Tokaj
Tokaj Grape Harvest
Open-air event
6-7 October 2012 - Tokaj
Sounds of wine, taste of music
Musical evening in memory of Ágoston Haraszthy
7 October 2012 - Tokaj
Haraszthy200 Festival