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Haraszthy200 Festival

Ágoston Haraszthy (1812-1869)

Pinoeer of California winemaking

Being one of the most important and most interesting personalities in the history of Hungarian-American relations, Ágoston Haraszthy has also secured a prominent spot in the history of viticulture activity in California. Haraszthy was an outstanding character in his era, with a grand-style of thinking. He was even acknowledged by John Tyler, US President, who dedicated an evening reception to his honour. His American fans claim „Count Haraszthy” was well known for his quick thinking, entrepreneurial spirit and concern for social issues. A love of the soil, never ending energy, ingenuity and avant-garde thinking might be censidered keys to Ágoston Haraszthy’s over-all success as a businessman and as a citizen with international interests and perspective.

As a part of the Haraszthy200 Festival, the „red & white – vörös és fehér” exhibition is organized as a way to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Ágoston Haraszthy’s birth. The event will run parallel in California and Budapest presenting avant-garde, constructivist, concrete, MADI, monochrome and geomathart contemporary artists. Art is limitless, it connects continents, centuries, countries, cultures and peoples.

This civil initiative also serves the purpose of promoting Hungary, through the beauty and power of art. As artistic curator of Haraszthy 2000 Festival, and also, Ágoston Haraszthy's collateral descendant in Hungary, moreover, founder of International Mobil MADI Museum Foundation, I invite all, young and old, American and Hungarian, artist and winemaker to join us in saluting the memory and heritage of this "Pinoeer of California winemaking" in an avant-garde spirit. Parallel to the exhibitions a wine conference will be organized presenting American and Hungarian wineries, discussing the various colors, ingredients and the cultural and historical importance of wine; and of Ágoston Haraszthy’s heritage, his movie like life and the era he lived in.

Zsuzsa Dárdai, art critic

Haraszthy200 Festival